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Ambassadors are Companies that are promoting Sustainable Hiking Activities and the well-being of Hikers, in close partnership with Hikers Friendly Hotels!

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Ambassador Benefits

  • Learning and Training: Ambassadors are encouraged to share knowledge with other ambassadors in meetings. Launch your idea in the “Hikers Friendly Ambassadors” group on Facebook and LinkedIn!
  • Inspiration: Get fresh ideas from many others who are also committed to the Hiking Activities in their destination: join the Ambassadors groups on the social media!
  • Visibility: Active ambassadors can greatly benefit from combined publicity around Hikers Friendly Activities and Events, where new Ambassadors can be inaugurated, and present their success stories. Also, each Ambassador will be illustrated in the Hikers Friendly Website (via Ambassador Logo illustration in a special area), Social Media, and many of the brochures. Press Releases and Awarness Activities also take place regularly.
  • Services Discount: Each Ambassador will have special pricing on Hikers Friendly Services and Certification, which will be available in the Ambassadors Facebook Group.
  • Use of Hikers Friendly Ambassadors Logo: Each Ambassador will be eligible to use the Hikers Friendly Ambassadors Logo at its Business Cards, Brochures, Website, etc, following the active terms of use that Hikers Friendly provides.

Ambassador Services

Ambassador will perform a number of activities in order to support the HIKERS FRIENDLY concept, which includes:

  • Promotion of HIKERS FRIENDLY concept in its Market, via website, social media or other appropriate ways that the Ambassador would like to introduce
  • Introduction of any requests for HIKERS FRIENDLY Services to the Company
  • Participation in the HIKERS FRIENDLY Members Events (every one or two years period)
  • Acceptance of Ambassador Logo use at Company Brochure, website and social media as Ambassador
  • Press Releases Creation and Awareness Activities about the Agreement

“Hikers Friendly Ambassadors” Criteria

Each member of the “Hikers Friendly Ambassadors” team should cover the following minimum criteria:

  1. Be a legal entity
  2. Offer services as a travel agency or similar
  3. Is actively involved to hiking activities in at least one destination with trails that are certified, recognized or under development
  4. Is actively involved with hiking and hiking services for at least one year until the date of the application.

Application Evaluation for the “Hikers Friendly Ambassadors” program

  • The evaluation is been held every two months by the “Hikers Friendly” team
  • Every 24 months each “Hikers Friendly Ambassadors” member will be re-evaluated with a report including all performed and fulfilled actions until that time.

Hikers Friendly Ambassadors