Abeliona Retreat

Messenia, Peloponnese

Special Offer

Member since:02/2018

Member until:05/2021

Built on the green mountainous hillside of the village of Abeliona, in Peloponnese, Greece, the Abeliona Retreat awaits to host you in one of its 22 spacious rooms and apartments. In complete harmony with the surrounding landscape, it offers an alternative tourism approach with quality standards, combining an ideal spot, wellness services, home-style cooked food made of local producers' best ingredients, and outdoor activities in marvelous natural surroundings. Focusing on the revitalization of both body and mind, we have created a specially equipped yurt of 80sq.m.for the organization of yoga and meditation sessions, while in the lounge you can enjoy an extensive collection of books on philosophy, mindfulness and alternative healing. The Abeliona Retreat is surrounded by the APOLLO TRAILS network that connect it with several beautiful places and sightseeing spots, among which the Temple of Apollo Epicurius, the Mount Lykaion, the Ancient Sanctuary of Pan and the River Neda.

Special offer HIKERS FRIENDLY Hotels *

Make use of the special #hikersfriendly code "HFH2020" during your direct booking at the hotel (phone, e-mail), and get:
  • 10% discount off the official accomodation prices, or 15% discount in case of a stay of 2 nights minimum (Monday-Thursday)
  • one lunchbox per person per booking to spend a whole day hiking in the shadow of Apollo Epicurius

(OFFER VALIDITY PERIOD: 10/07/2020 - 30/09/2020)

*NOTE: The above-mentioned offer does not apply in combination with offers potentially made available via other channels, unless there is the agreement of the accommodation facility.