Aristi Mountain Resort + Villas

Zagori, Epirus

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Property description

Aristi Mountain Resort+Villas, proud member of the National Geographic ‘Unique Lodges of the World’ and winner of the World's Leading Eco-Lodge 2017 and 2018 awards in the World Travel Awards, is a complex of stone buildings with 24 rooms, suites and villas ideally situated at the highest point above the traditional village of Aristi. The hotel directly faces the impressive rock cliffs “Towers of Astraka” that hang above Voidomatis River and the Gorge of Vikos. The hotel was created with the ambition to offer unique experiences to its visitors, by a combination of activities in a unique natural environment with the luxury of spacious rooms and its functional and tastefully decorated public installations. The architectural design of the building blends discreetly with the interior design of the residential grounds, with rooms and common facilities unique in the area, such as a full spa complex. While following the traditional architectural design of the Zagorohoria villages (otherwise known as Zagori), we nevertheless provide our guests with every modern comfort for relaxation and revitalization.

Property location/destination description

Aristi Mountain Resort is located in the Western Zagori, in the midst of nature, where visitors can access whithin one hour some unique archaeological sites and natural attractions. The archaeological sites include churches and monasteries predating most houses of the area, such as the Agia Paraskevi Monastery, which is dated in the early 15th century. The Ancient Theater of Dodoni, dated in the 4th century BC and the remarkable, delicately built 90+ stone bridges of Zagori are all within an hour's drive from the Resort. The nature lovers can visit the Vikos gorge, which is the world's deepest gorge in relation to its width, the Voidomatis springs, Voidomatis River, and the Vikos-Aoos National Park, where more than 150 hiking routes can be found. From the Resort, the guests can enjoy the view of the Vikos-Aoos National Park, the Vikos gorge, the Astraka Towers, and the Valley of Voidomatis River.

Property highlights

  • The terrace with the breathtaking view of the “Astraka Towers” Vikos Gorge and the valley of the Voidomatis River
  • The indoor swimming pool with the aforementioned view
  • The green house and biogarden of Aristi Mountain Resort & Villas
  • The outdoor Jacuzzi in one of the property's villas
  • The “Salvia” restaurant

A description of what makes your property special or unique

Built at the upper part of Aristi, one of the most beautiful traditional villages of Aristi and in Greece, 'Aristi Mountain Resort & Villas' is not just a hotel, but a refuge for those seeking beauty in nature. A starting point for hikers and anyone who wants to visit the enchanting Zagorochoria villages (otherwise known as Zagori) and "Vikos - Aoos National Park", a place for those wishing to experience nature at its best. Nature loves Zagori area, endowing it with special colors and images every season of the year.

Special offer HIKERS FRIENDLY Hotels *

Make use of the special #hikersfriendly code "HFH2020" during your direct booking at the hotel (phone, e-mail), and get:
  • 10% discount off the official accomodation prices
  • one lunchbox per person per booking to spend a whole day hiking around the beauties of the Zagori Region
  • room upgrading upon availability

(OFFER VALIDITY PERIOD: 24/08/2020 – 10/04/2021 apart from official feasts and bank holidays)

*NOTE: The above-mentioned offer does not apply in combination with offers potentially made available via other channels, unless there is the agreement of the accommodation facility.