ELaiolithos Luxury Retreat

Naxos Island, South Aegean

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ELaiolithos is a sanctuary for travelers who want to unwind and enjoy the simple natural beauty of Naxos' hinterland. Brilliantly nestled in the core of Naxos, on one of the most scenic and enchanting areas of the island between Chalkio and Moni, it offers splendid views and scenery.

ELaiolithos has style, character and is a reference point in Naxos island – an Authentic Naxian Cultural Experience. Tradition is the essential element that allows ELaiolithos to connect with people. ELaiolithos embraces the Eco-friendly lifestyle and Green Philosophy of nature while providing an oasis of luxurious accommodation.

ELaiolithos epitomizes the adventurous spirit of Naxos; everything here revolves around nature and green and barren landscapes. You will travel back in time, witness beautiful scenery, numerous ancient temples and ruins, a medieval fortress, cyclopean rock formations, stunning mountain quarries of marble, Byzantine churches, picturesque villages with whitewashed houses, dramatic coastal scenery, secluded beaches in the East and North, and a wild coastline of exotic beauty, all while enjoying the worldwide known Naxian culinary delights in beautiful taverns with eclectic local fresh ingredients.

We offer the ultimate getaway to a wild natural wonderland! Here, time meets with history, culture, and tradition. If you want to avoid mass tourism and surrender to the silence of the hinterland and the wonderful local food, then ELaiolithos is the perfect destination for your Naxian holiday. A natural landscape awaits to be discovered step by step.

Special offer HIKERS FRIENDLY Hotels *

Make use of the special #hikersfriendly code "HFH2020" during your direct booking at the hotel (phone, e-mail), and get:
  • one lunchbox per person per booking to spend a whole day hiking around the beauties of Naxos island
  • additional energizing snacks to grab with you every day
  • a free car drive towards the starting point and from the finishing point of your hike
  • the "Work in the Field" Local Adventure

(OFFER VALIDITY PERIOD: 10/07/2020 - 17/12/2020)

*NOTE: The above-mentioned offer does not apply in combination with offers potentially made available via other channels, unless there is the agreement of the accommodation facility.