Hotel Punta

Skiathos, Thessaly

Special Offer

Member since:09/2019

Member until:09/2021

Hotel Punta is perfect for all types of travelers seeking a hotel with ample services, relaxed environment and warm hospitality. Rooms are equipped with private en-suite bathroom, telephone, Satellite Television TFT-LCD, refrigerator, air-con, hair dryer and security box. Infant cots for children 0-2, free of charge. The balconies are equipped with table and chairs, enjoying stunning views at any time of the day.


Hotel Punta is the perfect location for Hiking Enthusiasts, with many Hiking Routes starting in the near vicinity.

Hiking friendly facilities offered by the hotel:

  • Hiking Equipment
  • Guide book with routes maps
  • Washing machine-dryer available on a daily basis (paid service).
  • Transfer service to route.
  • Organized guided excursions
  • Lunchbox availability with fruit, toast, energy drinks, etc.

Special offer HIKERS FRIENDLY Hotels *

Make use of the special #hikersfriendly code "HFH2020" during your direct booking at the hotel (phone, e-mail), and get:
  • 10% discount off the official accomodation prices
  • one lunchbox per person per booking to spend a whole day hiking around the beauties of Skiathos island

(OFFER VALIDITY PERIOD: 01/09/2020 - 30/10/2020 & 01/05/2021 - 30/06/2021)

*NOTE: The above-mentioned offer does not apply in combination with offers potentially made available via other channels, unless there is the agreement of the accommodation facility.